Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess Who??

If you guess "Siti Zara Sophia", you are right!
This photo was taken before Zara cukur.
She looks soo sweet...

This post is a sneak preview to my next post about Zara.

Tokmama, Wan & Warith

These are some photos of Tokmama, Wan and Warith. I melt everytime I see these photos...

Warith Cukur Rambut

Warith on 15th May 2009 (Friday)

It was a bright and beautiful day. Mama had prepared pulut kuning and rendang for the occasion.

Earlier on I have requested Abang Reeza to shave Warith’s hair (mintak-mintak la jadi beriman macam Uncle Reeza..Amin).

 Wan & Warith
Before cukur

Ayah and Abang Reeza arrived early that morning. I bought a battery operated shaver from Watsons especially for Warith. Got it for RM49, and if you pay RM1 extra you will get one more shaver. But I didn’t want the extra shaver. The sales girl said “Kalau akak tak nak, bagi saya...hehehe” she laughed.
When I returned home, Mama said “Laaa..pasai pa yang tak ambik satu lagi, bayar RM1 saja..” On second thot, Mama is right, I should have just paid the RM1 (sigh..)

I bought the shaver because I was petrified when I saw what happened to Zara on the day her hair was shaved using razor shaver. Rambut Zara lebat sangat masa baby. So you can imagine the effort that the makcik urut-cum-bidan-cum-cukur expert had to go thru’. Even Abang Reeza helped to trim and cukur rambut Zara... But I digress...(will write about Zara’s cukur one day)

The point is, Zara had so many cuts on her tiny head due to the sharp razor blades. Learning form that experience, ever since I was at the hospital, I have requested and reminded  Abg Shazrill (a kazillion times) to buy a shaver. But, as you can guess already by now, there was no shaver when I got home from the hospital... Even after my pantang was over, there was still no shaver in sight! Well, like the saying goes “If you want to get things done, you have to do it yourself!”. So I decided, “Kena beli battery shaver jugak ni...”

Besides the shaver, I also bought, believe it or not, razor shavers (just in case, the shaver doesn’t do a good job), shaving foam, gold wrapping papers (untuk alas rambut yang jatuh) and of course, batteries. Besides the shaver, I also bought, believe it or not, razor shavers (just in case, the shaver doesn’t do a good job), shaving foam, gold wrapping papers (untuk alas rambut yang jatuh) and of course, batteries.

Uncle Reeza & Warith
Abg Reeza giving his 110% focus and attention to his entrusted mission
We were trying out the Watsons shaver

Then, the day came to try out the Watsons shaver. It was too gentle. Tak potong rambut Warith langsung. I even took a shot at shaving Warith's hair. It was simply not effective. 

Mama, Warith & Uncle Reeza
This photo was taken by Tokmama
(Warith looks seriau..)

Luckily, I had my personal Braun shaver. So we tried the Braun shaver instead. It worked like magic. Warith’s hair was shaved faster.

Ayah tried the Watsons shaver. It worked on Ayah’s beard & moustache! So I said “Ayah ambik la shaver ni.” Happily, Ayah accepted it. I’m not sure whether he’s using it now, but I’m glad I gave it to Ayah. 

Warith's hair & Braun Shaver


Tokmama, Warith & Uncle Reeza
Can you spot Warith's hair on the white plate?
Can you spot the extra razor shaver beside Abg Reeza?
Can you spot the gold wrapping papers that we used for alas rambut jatuh?


Half of Warith's hair shaven by Abg Reeza

While Abg Reeza was shaving Warith’s hair, Ayah dok baca zikir and singing selawat all the way until the end.


Abg Reeza making his finishing touches

Midway through the cukur, Warith took a nap. At the end, Warith had his bath and Mama gave him some milk.

 Warith fell asleep

 Warith drinking milk

Top-view: Warith's bald head

  Alhamdulillah, cukur Warith went smooth as his bald baby head!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Niece & Nephew

Siti Zara Sophia
Abg Reeza & Tanty's lovely princess
On her birthday, 25 December 2007



Shah Reeyaal 'Ammaari
Abg Reeve & Kak Eellie's charming prince
On his birthday, 2 February 2009


I have loads of stories to share concerning these two anak menakan of mine!
I will reveal the interesting tales in my next instalment.

Cici sayang Zara and Shah Reeyaal! Muaahh..Muaah..

Jellical Cats!

The name jellicle comes from a previously unpublished poem by T.S. Eliot entitled "Pollicle Dogs and Jellicle Cats", where jellicle cats is a corruption of dear little cats and pollicle dogs of poor little dogs.It also appears in the musical Cats in the song "Jellicle Song for Jellicle Cats".

My dear cat, Kentoi in slumberland..

I am a cat lover. Ever since I was a little tot I was fascinated with cats. I used to beg Mama for a pet cat/kittens. It always seems to bemuzed me why Mama was never enthusiastic about the furry ones. Although my wishes were always turned down, my passion for cats never faded.

I was studying at UKM reading law. It was my 2nd semester during matriculation that I by chance met this kitten wandering in the dormitory. It was small, scrawny and sad-looking. But something in its eyes caught my attention - its spirit.

Once in a while I would bump into the kitten and once in a while I notice that some girls would feed it. Until one day, I saw this kitten sleeping in a mailbox at the gound level of the dormitory. My classmates, Aini and Harlina were trying to get hold of their mails. Then I saw the little kitten persistently taking aim at my friends' hands with its paws. It was a sight to behold. The girls were screaming out "Tolong!", the zesty little kitten simply wont allow them get their hands on their long awaited mails. It looks at them straight into the eyes as if saying "i will not let u disturb me from my sleep."

So I went to rescue the girls from the wrath of the furious lil' feline. Since then whenever i am at the ground level of the dormitory, i will pay my furry friend a visit. It was always sleeping in the mailbox and will always be angry at girls for wanting to collect their daily/weekly correspondences.

We grew closer each day. I will use my matriculation ration card to buy it food and whenever i am not around i will give my entrusted friend my ration card for her to help me feed the kitten.

The kitten became attached to me and came over to my room and slept on my bed. My heart mealt.

Tragedy! For two weeks I didnt see the kitten. I asked around if anyone saw it but none of them did. I gathered by cat lover friend, Jaja to go and search for the fellow. We went from floor to floor and block to block. Alas, despair.

One day Jaja looked excited after class when she broke the news that she thinks she spotted the kitten. I rushed to see whether the news was true. So we went marching to the mailbox which was 2 blocks away from our dormitory! Happiness: it was the kitten. It must have been wandering and thought that it was more convinient to make the next available mailbox a home. We quickly took it back to our dormitory block and i let it lay on my bed.

My roommate, Tarita wanted to call it "Tam" because of its dark fur (hitam) and the way it was always greedy (tamak) when it senses food is around. I ignored the suggestion.

The half semester break was nearing. I was restless. I dont have the heart to let it run around and be hungry. Ayah and I got hold of a box and put it into the box and tried to slip it into the house without Mama noticing (fat chance!!). Of course, Mama noticed it and was furious but the idea of having the kitten grew on her too.

Mama said "Anak orang lain bawak balik boyfriend bila cuti semester. Tapi ikke bawak balik kucing..." Thanks, I shall take that as a compliment, Mama..

I named her Pepper because of the colour of her fur but she became too hyper-active. Mak Ngah suggested Dewy (bagi sejuk sikit). But we all got stuck with the name Ayah calls her: Kentoi. Ayah calls her Kentoi because her tail is slightly bent at the ends. Now, we call her Toi for short - a pet name for a pet!

My Warith

On the day Shah Iman Izwarith was born - 11th March 2009 (Wednesday)
We welcomed Warith with great joy.
Warith was 3.15kg.

2 months prior to Warith's birth, I was hospitalised in Seremban Hospital for total placenta praevia (i.e. type 4). Not a day passed by without tears and fear. Tears because it was miserable being alone in the hospital without your loved ones especially when you are in your last trimester. Fear, because I was afraid of the LSCS that I have to go through and praying hard that my baby was going to be alright (sempurna segala sifat dan anggota).

Warith was worth the wait!

I could still remember the night before the LSCS. I was 'prep'ed and a single IV line was established(OMG, the line was so annoying after it was administered) and I was given syrup lactulose. My last meal was at 8 - was kept NBM (nill by mouth) after that. I couldn't really sleep that night.

I was all alone waiting for tomorrow to come.

Then it was morning. Said my subuh prayers and read yassin. Before 7 o'clock, Abg Shazrill came to visit me and then mama came with ayah. I was glad to see them. I was first on the Op list. But the OT bed hasnt arrived yet. I was told later by Nurse Ting that there was an emergency LSCS so I was going in 2nd. This pic was taken by Abg Shazrill (he insisted to document the historical event) before I went to the OT.

Finally, the OT bed came. I was taken to the OT room, my heart was beating faster. The man from the OT said to my family the ever-so-famous-cliche-line "Sampai kat sini saja boleh teman." So i waved to my family and they kissed me.

In the waiting area outside the OT, the patients were lined up (haphazardly). After confirming my name and IC number to the OT nurse (and her group of interns) another IV line as established. Then I was left alone. I looked around and saw this small boy near me, I learnt that he inhaled 2 magnet balls from his brother's toy. But he didnt look scared- just extra bored.

When the nurse approached him and asked "sakit tak?" He nodded and said "sakit". A second later he was found roaming around and then he was put back on the bed and was instructed to stay put. It was rather funny to hear the surgeons talking. One surgeon said "so how are we going to extract the magnet? through the nose or mouth?" The other one replied "which ever is easier!". I laughed to myself. And closed my eyes for a moment.

I drifted to sleep. A deep slumber. I was too tired with all the chaos around me. When I woke up I was still at the waiting area waiting to be operated on! Until a young doctor came to me and said that they have another emergency LSCS to perform and that I have to wait in line!

Dr Tham was there and insisted ("demanded" would be exact) that I should be operated since he and the patient (i.e. me) was ready as planned. So, finally I was wheeled in to the OT. There i met the sweetest Anaesthetist, Dr Julina. She calmed me down by informing me of the procedure that i requested for, i.e. CSE (combined spinal-epidural).

Two things that seemed quite funny to me while the CSE procedure was performed. Firstly, Dr Julina conforted me and said "when the CSE is administered, you will experience a funny feeling as if your legs are not there. But dont worry before we perform the LSCS we will first test whether the CSE has taken effect by touching you with a sharp object." Sharp Object! Hmmm..not a comforting thought, at all. But I smiled and nodded.

Secondly, Dr Julina marked my spine. Then said "Dr XXX will be performing the puncture. She is very capable." Then Dr Julina looked to the dear doctor and said "Please check again, sometimes the mark is not accurate." Hmm..inaccurate??..Nasib badan...

After the CSE was completed I was told that the operation had already started and Dr XXX reminded me to selawat. I didnt stop murmuring and reciting the selawat at all. I could hear my heart beat on the machine and a whisper "She is anxious..."

Around 10 minutes later I heard a loud cry from a baby. "Is that my baby?" I tought to myself "kuatnya suara!". Suddenly a nurse came up to me and said "Puan, ini anak puan. Cuba tengok lelaki ke perempuan?" I told her that I am short sighted. She brought the baby closer and I said "ok". She said I need to say it out loud whether the baby was a boy or a girl. So i glanced again and said "lelaki...?" I wasnt sure since I was quite worried about the operation at the same time. She just smiled and said "tahniah."

Warith was almost blue-gray when I saw him (macam tanah liat). I was so excited+shocked+nervous to finally see my baby. When she left with my baby to clean him up, I suddenly realised that I dont think I had memorised his face yet. I was scared if i wouldnt be able to recognise him later.

I was back at the maternity ward shortly after that. And mama said while accompanying me back to the ward "Anak ikke cute!" (very touching) meanwhile Ayah said "tak lama lagi ikke boleh kurus cepat, perut dah tak nampak dah..."(hahaha) Later, they brought Warith to rejoin me back at the ward.

Abg Shazrill said "we will name him the name that you like, Shah Iman Izwarith." I smiled back and said to Allah "alhamdulillah".

Shah Iman Izwarith

This blog is dedicated to my son, Shah Iman Izwarith. Mama sayang Warith forever.